Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Random Saturday- Part 2

Continuing with the same theme, here are some other other people I saw that random Saturday.
This little guy is wiped from malaria but is getting better.

This is the first smile I'd seen in this guy.  He has received four operations to drain infection from various parts of his body.  He has been a trooper, and you can't help but root for him.

This little guy has neonatal sepsis.  1% of kids in Congo die the first day, and 4% die by the first month.  We are hoping this guy can get through the 1st month.

Another little one worn out by malaria but better after a blood transfusion.  We do about 40 transfusions a month, and the majority are for kids with anemia from malaria.

You guessed it! Malaria again, but this time with more symptoms.  Other infections tend to pop up after malaria so we are keeping a close eye on him

We treated him with oral solutions for a stomach flu.  Something he would've received an IV for in the states.  He is doing better.

This cutie is 15 months old but only weights 5kg!  Thankful for our malnutrition program pushing hope back into these families.

Here waiting to complete the first month of Tb treatment

This man is not that sick, but he heard we were back and dropped off this pineapple for us.  Humbled.  This would get a good price in the market, but he wanted us to have it.  Its hard to explain how much this means to us.
This cheerful lady his waiting for a surgery and hoping she doesn't have cancer.

More posts are coming soon. Thanks for your prayers and your partnership. We try to remember 1 Cor 15:58 as we settle in here.

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