Friday, May 2, 2014

Random Saturday- Part 3

These are the last of the patients from "A Random Saturday."
This young man is doing much better after a blood transfusion for sickle cell anemia. 

This man cried when I first told him he had heart failure.  With some encouragement and medications his emotions and physical heart are better.

Have you ever stopped and wondered what happens to people who have had a stroke in the Congo?  This  man would do so much better with a good physical therapist working with him.

This baby is doing well, but her mom had a complication after a cesarian here.  A piece of gauze was left in her wound so we had to operate again and explain it to the family.  Pray for a good outcome and reconciliation.

This patient had an amputation done on his leg for a non healing wound for about 4 years.  It took him that long to accept that he needed one.

Two of our nurses that worked on this Saturday.  Visiting nurses are amazed about what they get done with so little.

We are doing dressing changes on this young man trying to save his leg.

We performed an operation for a tubal pregnancy on this lady, and found a big pocket of infection as well.

You may recognize this guy.  He has been here for a while and his family has abandoned him.  He maintains a good attitude and we are puzzling out a way to get him baptized, which he wants to do.

The happy smile here is hiding some trauma of being a refugee and a broken arm that has never healed properly and is now useless.

The bandage here covers a huge wound in his foream from a fall.  He has lost most of his tendon function in that hand and we are now just trying to save his hand.

Here is another old friend that I was happy to see again, but not happy to see in the hospital.  He has diabetes, and we are fighting to save his one remaining leg.  He has a great attitude, though.  His nickname is Double because when someone asked him for something he gave double.  

This cute girl is recovering from a risky life saving surgery for spina bifida.  She is holding one our peanut butter based nutritional supplements.

This young lady has a large infection around her lung that we are draining by a tube.  Her recovery has not been rapid and her family is losing patience.  Pray for her healing.

As you see in this post you see we are not perfect, we don't always have happy endings, and sometimes the endings are in doubt. Please pray that we will continue to offer up our small offerings and that God would multiply our efforts.


Laura Foudy said...

Thanks for posting thei pictures! Say hello to Tony, Emile, Double, and all the others i know there!

Louise Green said...

Really like the pictures. It helps to know how to pray for you and your patients.