Saturday, May 17, 2014

Fighting malnutrition

 Fighting malnutrition is a constant stuggle here at Hôpital Evangélique "Le Pionnier."

In my earlier blog posts, I mentioned that it takes teamwork to treat malnutrition.  The teamwork continues...

Almost one month ago, this boy was in danger of dying from malnutrition.  He came to the hospital and received help from our team.

Mama Melanie is a huge part of our team to fight malnutrition.  She asks at the pharmacy two or three times to learn if more supplements are needed.  Most of the supplies (milk, oil, and sugar) are purchased in bulk by the office workers. 
Melanie buys peanuts, cleans and roasts them for peanut butter for the Plumpy Nut.  She also mixes up the Plumpy Nut and F100, and makes sure the pharmacy always has a stock.  Here she is on her way to drop off a shipment of plumpy nut
Melanie has a great love for the children here, and she is willing to work hard for their health!  
Now a happy, healthy baby is ready to go home!

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