Friday, May 30, 2014

Ravette & Mercy Ships

Ravette, one of Stephen's patients, was treated on the Mercy Ships in Pointe Noire and featured in a Mercy Ships video.  (Click here to see video.)

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Ravette has lived her eleven years of life with a deformity known as genu recurvatum, which loosely translates as “backward-bending knee.” It is a congenital dislocation of the knee. Ravette struggled to walk, to sit in a car or chair, to climb a staircase, and even to attend school. The most remarkable thing about Ravette is not her deformity. It is her beautiful, ever-constant smile. No matter what goes on, even if it’s painful or tedious, Ravette is always smiling. Every step was a struggle. Yet, Ravette always believed her miracle would come.

Ravette after her return to Impfondo
Ravette and her father with Stephen after church on Sunday morning.

Read more about Ravette's time on Mercy Ship: Straight Knees, Wind Swept Heart

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