Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Summer Update

This couple spent three weeks with us.
They are on their way to the airport
with Mama Sarah and Dario.
May brought some changes for us.  The saddest change was saying good-bye to Siko and Delphine Bambemba.  They were here before the hospital started, and they have given many years in ministry in Impfondo.  They are greatly missed!

Before departing for the airport,
Mama Sarah takes the time to greet
five new visitors who arrived over the weekend.
They are taking a tour of the hospital.
We've had quite a few people coming and going.  It's always fun to meet new people, but sad when they leave.  I enjoy the opportunity to help visitors settle into life here, learn to navigate the market, and other things.

We are ready for the summer.  The kids and I finished school this past Friday.  Time for summer break!

Our family is heading out tomorrow for a conference.    I've already had many variations on "What did you bring me?"  Some popular requests are a better telephone, a gold ring, or some bulk items to resale.  With a few exceptions, I have to tell people we won't be able to do that.

We will have internet access off and on, but I have scheduled some blog posts during this time.

A new issue that is causing some concern is the deportation of people from the Democratic Republic of Congo.  There are many refugees without proper paperwork.  Some have tried to get the paperwork, and they are given papers good for three months.  They have to pay a large fee and try again at the end of the three months.  This can continue for years.

Now people who do not have the proper permission to stay are being sent back.  An unfortunate side effect is that some people are using this as an excuse for violence against people from the DRC.  We have a couple who works here that received multiple threats from a trouble making neighbor.  After their four year old son was kicked in the stomach when the neighbor was drunk, Stephen had to go to their house.  He was able to bring them to the hospital to stay in one of the empty building temporarily.   Right now, it's not safe for them to return.  Other employees from the DRC are living in fear, and for some it is quite upsetting.  Please pray for this situation to be resolved.

Pray also for Dr. Harvey, Dr. Tenpenny and the other missionaries here during our absence.

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