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The toughest patient I've ever seen is actually should not have been born for another eight weeks. Baby Brenda arrived three days old after being born at 31 or 32 weeks (normal is 40 weeks of time). She had been born in a health center in a neighboring town at only 700 grams of weight, less than one and a half pounds. After being sent home to die by the local health center, her mother traveled with her for two days on a truck and dugout canoe to reach our hospital... Read the rest

From Joyce at New Sight Congo:
Sadly, this precious baby suffered from a terrible chemical burn. Here one of the Samoutou children is cheering her up with a little soft toy. Like Mother Teresa said - We cannot all do great things, but we can do small things with great love! Thank you for your love for your patients and families!


Read about the work of MAF in the DRC from Mission Network News:

Congo-Kinshasa (MNN) — Ebola still claims the headlines as the outbreak rampages through Liberia and other parts of West Africa.

Now, there’s word of a spate of Ebola-related deaths in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Mission Aviation Fellowship DRC program manager Nick Frey sets the record straight on that account. “The current situation with Ebola here in DRC is not connected to any other place in Africa.”

Equally deadly, the virus has killed 31 people. However, it is contained, says Frey. “The case that broke out here is in a small village, which is over 575 miles from the city of Kinshasa, where [I am] right now.”

Containment is a huge piece of the puzzle in beating Ebola. Isolation is the best case scenario. “There’s no major air travel, there’s no major boat travel, or really, travel back and forth from major centers to this small village,” says Frey. 
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And for a humorous take on travel in the Congo check out
Air Congo Amazing Race including things such as:
So two hours later, we left without tickets but we were three oranges richer. We had given ten people a ride across town, visited two different local homes asking cooking women for plane tickets, probably broken airport regulations, and bribed a official with the lure of quick surgery, but its still was not over after no tickets appeared at 4 pm.

To see some of our own travel experiences from our last term:

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