Saturday, September 13, 2014

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A Life Overseas has a great article about conflict:

I used to think that when Jesus said to forgive seventy times seven times, he meant that people would be so mean, so sinful, that they would keep sinning against me (and I against them) and I should forgive each new transgression as readily as the first. And forgiving them looked something like accepting their apology, shaking their hand, or kissing their cheek and hugging, and saying, “I forgive you.”

That seemed challenging but easy enough. I could offer a limp hand or a sideways hug, mumble the words in a quiet voice, and move on. One sin against me, one forgiveness offered, voila, the scales were balanced. And vice versa.

Until this method stopped working. Until a friend hurt me so deeply I couldn’t breathe. Until mumbling, “I forgive you” didn’t erase the anger, bitterness, and sick feeling. Until she bolted so quickly there was no time for shaking hands and I couldn’t accept an apology that has never been offered.

What does forgiveness look like then?

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Franklin Graham prays before Dr. Brantly's speech.
We were all happy to hear that Samaritan's Purse missionaries, Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol, recovered and were released from treatment.  Read how Dr. Brantly has cause to Remember God's Goodness.

Elliot Tenpenny writes about the Generosity of Samaritan's Purse, and he tells how they are helping our efforts to prepare in case the outbreak comes this way.  While in Brazzaville, Elliot is helping to coordinate preparation efforts for our hospital.

Be sure to read more of Elliot's updates about patients and his family's evacuation at Reigning in Life.

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