Friday, September 12, 2014

Biking to the Market

About a month ago, I took my phone to get some pictures as I biked to the market.
There are many smaller stores along the way.
They usually carry basics and have baguettes from the local bakery in the evening.
Cute kids!
The main market entrance:
This is the most congested part of town.

Once you turn off the main road, the road is dirt-
or mud, depending on the amount of rainfall.

I usually leave my bike with Mama Claire.
Her son thought he would try it out.

This was a great market day due to the arrival of a supply boat.
Laughing cow had been out for weeks and they had jelly, a rarity here.
(I regret to say that I only bought 4 jars, and they were out the next time I went back.)

The store next door-
unloading the new arrivals

Time to head home

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