Sunday, September 28, 2014


Stephen preached this Sunday. Before he started the sermon, he gave a public health announcement. The best way to avoid Ebola is to wash your hands, don't touch dead bodies, etc. He also told people that a false rumor is going around that eating raw sheep meat along with some instant coffee and milk will keep you from catching Ebola.  Don't try it!
 I bet this is different than what you heard in your church service!
Dried beans and vegetables for sale at the market.
With the border closed between the two Congos, it is more difficult to find meat.
Good thing we like beans and rice!

It takes a village to make frappachino for Stephen!
The five of us managed to do it together!

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Kate said...

Yeah, it's like when Siko would give those "pick up your trash and pee in the toilet" announcements in church...not exactly what I've been hearing at my ABF Sunday morning service.
Gotta love it!