Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Random Saturday- Part 1

Here's another look at the struggles and random joys here in Impfondo.
This a 11 month old who has severe malaria in his brain.
He's alive by God's grace
and the fact that we are the only hospital in the region that provides extra oxygen.
He also benefited from 2 blood transfusions.

This young guy also has severe malaria
but also severely low blood counts complicating his care.

This elderly lady needs surgery for twisted bowels.
There is no surgeon here.
She is now trying to recover from our efforts at surgery.
This kid is happy, he was able to get blood for his anemia and malaria.
It took him 3 days just to get to the hospital.

This poor guy has a diarrhea bug and is very dehydrated. 
He also  has cerebral palsy from a neonatal infection. 
We're trying to keep the mom encouraged to give treatments and not give up hope.

Never mind the prints on the sheet,
this lady is here for abdominal pain but is happy to go home.

This guy is a muslim who wrecked when he hit a pig. 
He was heard to say "what the halal?!"
Actually he illustrates (a) trauma is a major issue in Congo and
(b) you have to make your own  stuff a lot here.  Notice the homemade c-collar
There are more pictures to come on yet another random saturday post.  Thanks for praying for us and giving to the work here.


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