Wednesday, October 15, 2014

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From Lauren Lunsford via Facebook:
There are a lot of days here that make me question if what we are doing is making any difference or if I should even go to the ER to work when we just see so many kids die. This little guy was truly fighting for his life and I really thought I was going to come in he next morning to an empty bed. His mother already started wailing and grieving because she thought he was dead. It brought tears to my eyes when I came in the next day and saw them laughing and smiling together. God is a good God who hears the pleas of His people.
Mondays can be hard for everyone!
From Millie Deleon via Facebook:
I would do the same if I had to see me in the morning too
Central African Republic {photo credit}

From the BBC:
CAR has suffered ethnic and religious unrest for more than a year since mainly Muslim Seleka rebels seized power in the majority Christian country.

Muslim rebel leader Michel Djotodia resigned in January under diplomatic pressure, but violence between Christian and Muslim militia groups has continued.

Both groups have been accused of targeting civilians. Thousands have been killed and tens of thousands more have fled the country.

The UN says that about 1.3 million people - a quarter of the population - are in need of aid.

The US is preparing to send troops to West Africa to fight Ebola
{photo credit}
Ebola still dominates the news:

Ebola spread bigger than expected

Hamilton scientist works on Ebola diagnosis, vaccine
This is in Montana at the Rocky Mountain Laboratories.

'Ebola epidemic could lead to failed states', warns WHO

Congo-Kinshasa: DRC- Treating Ebola under extremely difficult conditions in Equateur Province

Isolate Ebola, Not Countries, says IMF Chief

One powerful illustration shows exactly what's wrong with how the West talks about Ebola
If you only read one thing about Ebola, this should be it!

With the heaviness of the world new lately, it's easy to start to feel discouraged.  We had a week that started with the death of a much loved employee and ended with a death a a much loved uncle, Stephen's uncle, Ralph Green, II.  In between, there was some other discouraging news that left us reeling.  Seeing this article No, Seriously, Laugh was a good reminder that laughter really is the best medicine!  Did you know that laughing releases endorphins?  Take some time for fun today.  :)

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