Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Other Heroes

Chip Frey and some of his "helpers"
 When you talk about saving lives in Congo, many people picture the doctors and nurses working tirelessly to fight disease.

But what about the other things that go into our work at the hospital?

Meeting or reconnecting with some of the "other heroes" while in CT
Spring 2013
Yesterday, we had a chance to be especially grateful for all those who have worked on our electrical system.   We had a huge thunderstorm- lots of wind, rain, thunder, and most damaging- lightening.  The safeguards put in place worked how they were supposed to!
From Stephen:

From the two people on oxygen and all of the staff at HELP we want to give a special shout out to Chip Frey and Jonathan J Grous and all the others who put in those breakers and the new gen system last fall. Just had a lightening strike. Breakers, flipped. Electrical things protected. Elec back on, I'm thankful.

Some of our electrical team poses with Dr. Harvey
Fall 2013

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