Saturday, October 4, 2014

Random Saturday- Part 4

These pictures come from our surgery wards.
There are lots of tough cases, stretching what we can do.
This guy has tumors throughout his small and large intestines and has had several complications after we did a surgery for blockage.  He's been introduced to the Savior.
This guy has a bad infection in a bad place and endures with patience many dressing changes.  He is awaiting some type of reconstructive surgery

This guy has a broken leg and is in traction. 
We hope to have one day the capacity here to treat these fractures differently,
 but for now 6 weeks in bed is what we have.

Another nice guy who came from far away with an infection that was taking over his foot. 
He has had two amputations and now is ready to go home

The sun behind his head reveals this gentleman's attitude. 
Recovered from leprosy but still with the consequences, he came in with a very bad infection on his foot.  He recently challenged me to a game of soccer.

This lady found out she had diabetes 
after we started treating her chronic infection of her foot as well.  

This lady almost died from her tubal pregnancy,
but thankfully we were able to provide the service she needed.

This lady's right hand looks a lot worse. 
She is the victim of a car accident and has needed multiple procedures to save her right hand.
Pray that she gets the total healing she needs.

These patients encourage and challenge me everyday with their difficult presentations, their capacity to endure suffering and the wonderful testimony of the human body's ability to heal.
Thanks for praying for them all.


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Martha said...

Thanks for sharing these 'random Saturday' posts. Praying!