Friday, October 3, 2014

Random Saturday- Part 3

There's always more patients. Here is part three of four in this one random saturday.
(Part 1, Part 2)
This guy is here for more or less hospice care for a liver cancer.
He is also one of our employees and we are all saddened to watch this process play out.
Pray for him and his family.
Adults don't get as sick from malaria as kids do.
If you make it to adulthood here, then you have a pretty good immune system.
But this lady needed to be here for a case of malaria.
Another case to puzzle out and another patient to whom we have to give bad news.
Always hope, but the news still stinks.
Diabetes is one of those things that  people take for granted in the states.
 But imagine paying 20% of  your monthly income for one medicine
and still needing to provide for other needs.
She is adjusting well.

This little lady came in at just 2 pounds and dropped 5 ounces before working her way back up.  She was on oxygen for about 3 weeks, and at one point her mom was having dreams of a baby dying.  Speaking hope into her mom's life was almost as important as the oxygen in saving this one's life.

These little twins were just a touch early and should be going home soon.

This poor lady was almost totally consumed with tuberculosis and still has trouble with breathing.  She misses her family and asks to go home often, but we are concerned she will not finish her treatment there.

There are more patients to come from this one Saturday.  Keep reading, keep praying, and keep in touch.


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