Monday, February 23, 2015

Saturday Rounds- Part 1

These are some of the patients that Stephen sees each morning in the hospital as he does rounds.
Each of them is precious to God, and we are grateful for the chance to be a part of His hands and feet at a time they are in need.

The top grouping of kids represent common illnesses this time of year.  There is still malaria, but there is a significant amount of stomach illnesses secondary to lower water levels.

In the second row from left to right:
We have a child we have seen before with severe prematurity who is close to going home now.

In the middle is the child who I wrote about in the"trouble in maternity" post.  She still needs tube feedings and the mom is having difficulty with milk production.

The last child on the last row is a big brother of another premature child who is about to go home as well.

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