Friday, February 20, 2015

Walking to the Market

 Last Saturday, a group of us walked to the market.
There were six of us total.

Duel picture taking.
I was taking a picture of the group while Zach took a picture of me.

We saw some good looking papaya for sale by the side of the road.
Some produce comes and goes depending on the season, but there is always papaya.

Zach is discussing the price of the papaya.
Some of the available goods:
(from the right of the picture, moving clockwise)
Salted fish
Dried strips of ginger
Unroasted coffee beans
Roasted ground coffee
(too bad the coffee is not good quality)
A local plant
A local seaoning- I was told that it's good for cooking grean beans.
Dried, ground okra
There are paper cones with some dried hibiscus flowers, and in the bucket in the background is more dried hibiscus.  You can make a juice or tea with the dried flowers.

We all bought fabric before the shopping trip was through.
More pictures to come.  :)

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