Friday, March 20, 2015

Coming this weekend...

This weekend is going to be a busy one here at the hospital.
Besides the usual work, we are hosting a Health Fair on Saturday for the employees and their families.
Amanda Volkman has been busy planning it for months, and it's finally time!

The sign for the Health Fair

Stephanie is getting ready for the malaria play.

Two of the mosquitoes in the play- ready for practice!

This Sunday, Henri and Joyce Samoutou are starting a second service with the help of the chaplain committee and the missionary team.
On Sunday mornings, we will first have our usual Lingala/French service, followed by a French/English service.  We are hoping that service can be an outreach to some people who don't come to the more traditional service.
Practicing French songs for the first service

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Lindseys on the Loose said...

Ha ha, love the mosquito outfits. Shouldn't they have long probosci though? I think it's interesting that many central African MKs have the experience of dressing up as a bug at least once in their lives. Our son dressed as a roach for Halloween one year.