Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Random Saturday- part 2:Premie and Women's Health

Little Jeremiah who is now just waiting to gain weight to go home.
He came in at 2 pounds, and he is waiting to get to 4.5 pounds.

This little guy came early the day before his mom need to take a national high school exam.
She delivered him, took the exam the next day, and has been good at encouraging him to eat.

This little lady has newborn sepsis from poor delivery conditions.
Here is another one of our feeders and growers.
She also has been exposed to HIV and now we are trying to keep her from being infected.
A lot for a little lady to handle.  Her name is Grace.

A young lady who is dealing with physical and emotional ramifications of a miscarriage.

Another premie feeding and growing.
Now off oxygen and his nasogastric tube is out, and he is waiting to gain weight.

Thanks again for praying for the least of these in Impfondo. It is always a joy to see a mom who doesn't think her child will live, get a spark of hope, then a flame as her child continues to grow and improve.

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