Thursday, September 3, 2015

Random Saturday- part 3: Tuberculosis etc

Most of these people have tuberculosis in one form or another and some of them are also infected with HIV. Both of these diseases rip into the fabric of African life like few others. These two tend to separate the patients from the one of the strengths of Congolese culture- the family- and become even more difficult to battle.

This lady has mult-drug resistant tuberculosis.

This young lady has anemia from an overactive spleen and is pregnant as well. 
She is almost ready to go home.

In the midst of treatment.

Keeping up hope one month into treatment

2 weeks into treatment

Almost done with the first 1/3 of her treatment, and she's look forward to going home.

This young guy has a yet undiagnosed illness, and we are still looking for answers for his multiple abcesses.

Yet another waiting to go home.

The hospital is waiting on government delivery of medicines for tuberculosis. Please pray that it comes soon so that treatments would not be interrupted.

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