Friday, September 4, 2015

Random Saturday- part 4: Pediatrics

 In Impfondo, I had the opportunity to do and learn much outside of my "US" specialities of emergency medicine and pediatrics. Surgeries, obstetrics, hospital management, and teaching are some of those. Even with all of that "cool stuff," it's hard to top seeing a kid get better.
Malaria and anemia, getting better.  Also styling in a sport coat:)

Malaria and anemia after a transfusion, waiting to go home.

Not sure what to think about the crazy white guy, but recovering nicely from cerebral malaria.

This 4 month old had a surgical problem called intussusception. 
Fortunately, her surgery went well and she have no further problems.

Urinary tract infection with malaria.  Doing well.
Another malaria and anemia combo.  She also received blood.

Newborn with a bloodstream infection. 
It would be nice for a way to check for bacteria in the blood here.

This smiley girl is on her way to healing from malnutrition.
She has gained 7 pounds already and has another pound to go before she goes home.

Contemplating her discharge date as well. 
She needs another pound before she can be safely discharged.

This ward has benefited the most from your kind donations to the poor fund of the hospital. Keep these little ones in your prayers. The come in the sickest, have the most potential to bounce back, and are the least likely in their family to receive community resources. It's a privilege to serve them.

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