Thursday, September 10, 2015

Random Saturday- part 6: Surgery, part 2

This is the last part of the surgery patients.  Each of them is grateful for the opportunity to receive surgery services in Impfondo instead of traveling to the capital to receive similar services with a much greater cost to the family.

A straight forward surgery here and a gentleman who loves to talk.

This gentleman is back in after a complication from a hernia repair I did.
He is handling it well and should make a complete recovery.

This little guy is an Auca who broke his leg in three places when a tree that is parents were cutting down for honey fell on him.  I was very happy to have Guillome  (a PT student from France) here to work on him.  His last day he wanted to walk the 30km home with his family.

This little lady suffered much from a poorly done injection at an outside hospital.
Her smile and spirit encouraged me, and she healed well.
She also benefited from Guillome's presence.

This lady posed many diagnostic dilemmas during her hospital stay and needed to be evacuated for further imaging.
It's not often we have to do that, and hopefully, she will make a full recovery.

Happy?  This lady needed an amputation to battle a skin cancer on her  foot.
She was not happy to lose her leg but is glad she has a chance at life.

This lady is another stroke victim.  There are still not a lot of cholesterol problems in Africa, so  coronary artery disease is relatively rare.
However, strokes from uncontrolled blood pressure are very common, and we struggle to provide good supportive care to them.

Here is another forest victim.  He fell out of a tree and had a complex arm fracture.
After several weeks in the hospital and some rehab, he is doing better.

There are a lot of imperfect results pictured here, even though we do what we can. You've seenmany reminders of our "limits"- humanly speaking. Yet, God is bigger than those, and each of these people had the opportunity many times to experience God's love, hear His story, and to make a choice for Him. 
Continue to pray,

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