Sunday, September 30, 2012

HELP needs help!

the Hôpital Evangelique le Pionnier needs some help.
We always need short term and long term help to keep this hospital running and as the end of this year approaches the situation becomes more dire.

Currently we have two doctors working with an optometry nurse specialist with an average census of  about 40 inpatients and an average outpatient load of 30 patients seen by the nurse consultant per day and up to 20-30 patients seen by those same two doctors.

Oh, and surgeries. Those two docs also do about 30-45 cases per month with the help of a surgical assistant who can do a lot of cases on his own.

But wait there is more.  Of the two docs we have one ( The Wegners) who is returning to the States at the end of January and so the will be only ONE (yes, I said one) full time doctor here.

There are some brave souls coming in January to help us out for 6 weeks but we need more.  We need short term or long term volunteers throughout 2013 and into 2014 to keep the hospital running.

To sum up......we need help.

We need Doctors of all types  but especially surgeons, pediatricians, family practitioners, internists, emergency medicine specialists and obstetrics-gynecologists .

We need  other medical staff like physical therapists, nurses,  nurse practitioners, physician assistants and dentists.

We need more support staff.  We need a person to help us with logistics, a mechanic, a carpenter, an account and even a bio med technician

Maybe, we need you. Or maybe you know of someone we can use.

Answer these following questions:
1) Are you willing to come?
2)Are you a lover of and loved by Jesus?
3)  Do  you have some French language proficiency?
4) Do you have prior African experience?
5)Do you have a least 6 weeks free?
6) Do you do one of the jobs I mentioned above or another you think could be useful here

If you answered "yes" to 0-1 of the questions pray about us getting the help we need.

If you answered "yes" to 2-4 of the questions do that and contact us about how you could fit in here at HELP.

If you answered "yes" to more than 4 of the questions do those things and fill out an online candidate questionnaire at Harvey visitor info  then repeatedly contact us until we reply to you.

 Above all; pray, pray, pray that God would send laborers here to help His work because we need to remember to not to put our trust any of these professions but rather put our trust in the strong name of the Lord our God  who is mighty to save and will provide for our needs

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