Saturday, August 29, 2015


One of the many difficult good-byes
Our last few months in Impfondo were quite busy with preparations to leave: saying good-byes, packing up our house, as well as equipping the national staff to work with new protocols to handle the lack of surgical capabilities at the hospital.  Although we were confident we were making the right choice, it was hard to say good-bye to fellow missionaries and national staff.  It was also difficult to leave knowing there remains a great need for quality medical care in the Republic of Congo.

Our flight out of Impfondo was delayed one day, but the next day we made it to Brazzaville.  While in Brazzaville, we were able to reconnect with some former hospital employees and other people connected to the hospital.  We celebrated the retirement of two of our CMA colleagues.  And Stephen had a constant supply of patients looking for medical advice.

The evening of Tuesday, Aug 25, we arrived safely back in the US with all of our bags.

In Brazzaville
We had a few questions about our next plans.  Our current plans are to have a period of recovery while visiting family and friends.  We will be exploring some other ministry opportunities in Francophone Africa.  We hope to have a clearer time table for return to cross cultural service after our debriefing in November.

Some things we know for certain now are that we would like to return to a country in Francophone Africa to do medical missions, and we will continue to serve under Marketplace Ministries branch of the CMA.

We will be sharing some more things from our time in Impfondo on the blog in the next few months, and we will give updates on our future plans as they take shape.

Brazzaville airport

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