Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Impfondo- Top 10 list- Medical version

  1. You measure a patient’s labor progress by the amount of time she snaps her fingers and how much clothing she is wearing instead of using other monitors.
  2. The “golden hour” of resuscitation becomes the “wooden week” of surviving just to get to the hospital.
  3. Pineapples can serve as a copay

  4. Your consultants never refuse to see the patient……you are the consultant
  5. Your patients refuse to leave the hospital because they have 24hour electricity and water which they don’t have at their house
    A patient's house made out of mud and sticks with a thatch roof,
    no running water or electricity.

  6. No lawyers
    No lawyers, but we do have lots of other wonderful workers!
  7. Your presurgery checklist includes prayer and checking the fuel level in the diesel generator
    Ian helping with the generator
  8. Patient family members ask to see and pose with the removed body part after surgery
  9. Surgery is often an open book test
    Happy after a successful surgery
  10. You teach CPR to the Bee Gees “Stayin Alive”

    But we couldn't just stop at 10!  Here are a few more:

  11. You have weight gain competitions in the pediatric ward
  12. You have to write out and coach parents on how to pronounce your name when they want to name their child after you
    Baby Anna: that's easier to say and spell than Stephen
  13. Placing IVS, nasogastric tubes, suturing, bedside ultrasounds are all spectator sports.
  14. You hear patient surgery testimony in Sunday chapels.


Unknown said...

I love the post so much! Have a wonderful weekend:)


Anonymous said...

Brilliant ;) And having a sense of humor is sometimes the only way to survive... I actually studied Physiotherapy and worked in government hospitals in South Africa for a year or two - so I totally get it.. I know it can sometimes get frustrating knowing you could have done more with better resources but it sounds like you have learned the art of improvisation :) may God bless your ministry!