Thursday, October 8, 2015

Impfondo- Top 10 list

You may have spent some time in Impfondo if...

1. You need a sweater, long pants, and socks when the temperature drops to 80F.

2. You can remove your shoe and kill a bug... or a bat... in one smooth move.

3. Candle light no longer makes you think of romance or mystery, but power outages.

4. You feel like it's Christmas when a letter or package arrives in the mail.

5. You're not afraid to have spirited discussions about whether or not someone can use your banana trees as an outhouse.

6. You say "No, thank you" politely when someone presents a snake at your front door instead of running and screaming.
I wasn't really calm and collected enough to get a picture of the snake, but the big lizard was another slightly scary thing we had to politely turn down.

7. Your children refuse to wear anything but flip flops on their feet.
Flipflops & machete... what could go wrong?

8. You think it's a good thing to match everyone around you.

9. Rainy days don't make you think of umbrellas, but of unplugging all your electronics, bringing the laundry in off the line, and putting out basins to catch the rain that leaks through the roof.

10.  You can keep a straight face when people compliment you on becoming fat, and reply with a kind, "Thanks, you too!"
I'm pretty sure this is how I look when someone tells me I'm fat. 

If you've lived overseas, what would your list include?

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